Friday, June 10, 2022

Belmont 2022!

 Why is it that the week of the Belmont Stakes is one of my craziest weeks of the year? My swan song coaching rugby started, I am prepping for my first presentation at a conference, and everyone at work wants a pound of flesh!

So we'll keep it short and sweet.

I am torn 50/50 on top but will give the edge to the Uncle Mo colt...

6 Mo Donegal 5-2

5 Creative Minister 6-1

1 We The People 2-1

4 Rich Strike 7-2

The pace? I see this going down one of two ways. Either weak early speed from We The People, most likely pressured by Nest and Mo Donegal and Creative Minister pick up the pieces -or- We The People takes it wire to wire.

Like I say every year, maybe next year I'll be able to really dive into this one!

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