Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a perfect day..... stay inside and handicap!

My wife is off to Boston for a work conference and I have three kids that actually turned down the offer of setting up the kiddie pool and playing with water guns (Charlie - "It's too hot outside...  I stay here.").  Can't say I can argue against that!

Tomorrow features another freebie NHC tour event online... as usual, I am going to take a shot against 3000+ in the hopes of making it to Vegas.  This time, I am armed with my newly crafted spreadsheet which is a compilation of all of my homegrown figures, pace, and my old point system (just about break even after over 3000 races - 30.76% winners for a 2% loss).  Major thanks go out to my friend Jake who helped expedite the process by walking me through how to set up the file and import the data so I don't have to manually enter it any longer!  The thing I am most interested in is how having my pace analysis summarized will help me try to predict the probably pace scenario; besides taking into account the running style and Quirin points, how my analysis of running style, form, and second call fractional designations will all play in conjunction with my various speed, pace, and class figures...

So the contest be three races from Woodbine, three from Del Mar, two from Saratoga, and two from Monmouth (assuming they run despite cancelling for two straight days due to the heat)..  at least I follow one of those circuits.  Time to run my new sheet and do my conventional handicapping in between reading stories and playing 'little green and tan army men' on the dining room table...  I'll bribe the kids later with pizza and a movie so I can start digging into Del Mar...

If nothing else, staying in the AC is a great way to spend this day!

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