Monday, April 25, 2011

Atlantic City Race Course!

A brief aside from my quest to make it to Vegas - time to talk about Atlantic City... Atlantic City Race Course that is!

The required dates to maintain the simulcast signal are being run starting this Thursday - 6 races a day for 6 days.  While a total throwback to the time when they must have switched from writing odds on the chalkboard to using monitors, there is always a ton of value here.  It is worth a trip, even if just to see where the Rat Pack used to hang out.  Each year a little less of this once fine venue is open with the last time the escalators worked to the second floor being during my visit in 2002. 

Full fields on the turf... an early double and a late superfecta, otherwise it is just WPS, exacta, and trifecta.  First post is 3:30 with some local high school selling a hot dog or soda...  it is almost like a cult following of sorts to see the crowd that gathers year after year.  Not sure I will be able to make it down this year, but my heart will be there!


  1. Get a peek at the picture of how Aycee used to look circa 1940's here

  2. Take a half-day and excuses!