Sunday, August 7, 2011

Horse Tourneys... another wasted day and $$$

Like almost a thousand others today, I figured I would take a shot at the NHC qualifier hosted by Horse Tourneys (an affiliate of Ellis Park).  What a waste of time, money, and effort.  Hopefully they will get their fecal matter coagulated as they move forward...

Coming off of a very relaxing week of vacation, I figured I would download the PP's for Del Mar, Saratoga, and Monmouth (as well as the data files) - I spent the time working the ten contest races meticulously...  I got my early picks in, adjusted early for some scratches....  then I wanted to change contenders based on odds... and guess what?  The site goes down!  Finally after the second leg, they post a note on their site that the contest has been cancelled.

Kudos to Ellis Park / Horse Tourney for offering up to 50 spots (out of 500) to the NHC Finals in Vegas, but if the site is not going to work, who is really going to play?

Thanks for nothing... I guess as usual, I was able to get some more practice in for a REAL tourney...

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